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This bill is among the first in the country to attempt to regulate the burgeoning artificial intelligence industry on such a scale.

- Colorado Governor Jared Polis

Welcome to Snippets đź‘‹ The US legislative patchwork expanded once again, with Minnesota passing a privacy bill through the legislature and Colorado enacting a first-of-its-kind comprehensive AI regulation law.

If Minnesota's bill gets the green light, it'll bring the running total up to 18 states—not counting Vermont, which is also close to the finish line. Meanwhile, Colorado's move is expected to set a precedent for similar AI state laws nationwide.

Plus, Microsoft released a line of built-for-AI personal computers, Worldcoin shuttered operations in Hong Kong, Dell is under investigation by the Irish DPA, and more.


Microsoft launches PC line built for AI


Grant Hindsley for The New York Times

On Monday, Microsoft introduced Copilot+, a new line of personal computers designed for AI. For some, Copilot+ signals the resurgence of powerful personal computers, but a feature called Recall has privacy experts on edge.
  • Meant to “solve one of the most frustrating problems we encounter daily,” Recall captures screenshots every few seconds to help users retrieve documents, emails, websites, and more with a simple prompt.
  • According to Microsoft's website, users can control what screenshots Recall collects and opt out of sharing sensitive information. It also notes that certain data, like financial info and private browsing sessions, won’t be monitored by default.
  • Bullish on the trajectory of AI PCs, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, noted, “We are entering a new era where computers not only understand us, but can anticipate what we want and our intents.”

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Colorado passes landmark AI legislation


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Colorado made history by passing SB 205, the first ever comprehensive state privacy law for AI. SB 205 requires, among other things, that 'high-risk' AI system developers implement safeguards against algorithmic bias and discrimination.
  • Under the law, developers must maintain high levels of transparency about their systems, conduct impact assessments, and actively work to identify and mitigate harmful biases.
  • SB 205 stands out as one of the most extensive laws regulating US employers' use of automated decision-making tools, even empowering job applicants to contest companies' hiring decisions.
  • While the bill successfully passed into law, it still faces notable opposition from technology groups and Governor Jared Polis has urged legislative improvements before its implementation in 2026.


Worldcoin accused of privacy violations in Hong Kong



Hong Kong’s privacy watchdog has found Worldcoin, an iris-scanning crypto startup, to be in violation of the region's privacy laws—prompting the organization to halt all operations within the region.
  • According to Hong Kong's regulator, Worldcoin's violations include unnecessary and excessive gathering of face and iris images, lack of transparency, and extended retention of personal data.
  • Worldcoin also allegedly failed to inform participants of their data access and correction rights, leading to an enforcement notice to stop operations involving biometric data collection in Hong Kong.
  • Despite revelations that over 8,300 individuals had their biometric data scanned, Worldcoin has remained silent on the issue.

  • Vermont lawmakers comment on privacy bill backlash.
  • Illinois amends BIPA to limit accrual of violations.
  • Reviewing DuckDuckGo’s PrivacyPro bundle.
  • Jolla launches privacy-focused AI hardware.
  • Decoding Apple and Google’s new privacy features.


Dell data breach prompts Irish investigation


Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket / Getty Images

Dell’s recent data breaches have drawn the attention of Ireland’s Data Protection Commission, which has placed the PC maker under official investigation.
  • Last week, Dell alerted customers in the European Union to a breach that exposed customer names, physical addresses, and purchase information.
  • Menelik, the threat actor who claimed responsibility for the breach, was then able to access another Dell portal, retrieving more customer names, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Though Dell reassured its customers the incidents don’t pose significant risks, questions remain about Dell’s security infrastructure—with the hacker claiming to have found flaws in both the breached Dell portals.


Minnesota passes comprehensive state privacy law



Minnesota has become the latest US state to pass a privacy bill, the Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act (MCDPA). Though largely following the framework of other state laws, Minnesota’s bill does contain a few unique provisions.
  • Under the MCDPA, businesses would be required to appoint an organizational privacy lead and consumers could request information about decisions made through automated profiling.
  • Other notable distinctions include exemptions for small businesses, partial exemptions for businesses covered by HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and targeted exemptions for health and financial data processing.
  • If signed by Minnesota’s governor, the MCDPA would take effect on July 31, 2025.

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